"International Drive Your Studebaker Day" to Miller Motor Sports Park in Tooele, Utah.
Pictures by: Erika Ball.

What a beautiful day to drive our Studebakers to Miller Motor Sports Park.

In Tooele, Utah.

Then on to the home of Phil & Debbie Smart for lunch.

All lined up and looking good.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Quit talking and let's go in and check it out.

Erika had a little too much coffee, a little shaky.

Lining up to do a lap on the race track.

Almost ready.

Let's go, let's go, can't wait.

Good looking cars.

Elisabeth will race with her motorcycle.

Our pace car, a beautiful Cobra.

Phil and Debbie are getting on the track.

Elisabeth is ready to get going.

Leaving the pit area to go racing.

And here we go.

Around the Clubhouse turn.

And the winner is.....Jeff Smart in Phil's Avanti.

Dick Hall is right behind. Someday we will make him a Chapter member.

Wayne and Barbara came in third.

Fred and Erika are all smiles in their shiny Wagonaire.

The children found a play ground at Phil and Debbie's home.

Waiting for the food.

Boy, are we hungry.

Fred, Stefanie, Mike and Clay munching on chips and salsa.

Get ready, get set, EAT!

Our wonderful hosts, Phil and Debbie.

More toys for the girls.

Wasatch SDC - 2005